MULTI•MIST™ - 4 oz.


MULTI•MIST is a non-medicated mineral solution to help sooth throat, ear and dental discomfort. This non-toxic formula is both odorless and flavorless. An all-natural solution for infection, irritation or injury to the ears, throat and gums when used as recommended

All OPTI•MIST products can help enhance the body's natural resistance factors that constitute an organism's first line of protection against the penetration and reproduction of pathogenic micro-organisms.*

Q: Why is OPTI•MIST safer? A: OPTI•MIST is removed by the body along with other waste material so there's no build-up. Grandma's Clear 'Colloidal' Silver (Ionic Silver Oxide), however, converts to silver chloride (AgCl) when exposed to hydrochloric acid in the stomach. The toxicity of Ionic Silver Oxide lies in the reaction with sulfur and selenium compounds already in the body to produce non-soluble particles that are larger than ions and become immobile inside healthy cells. Scanning electron microscope studies of Argyria victims show that the silver stuck in the skin is silver sulfide and silver selenide resulting from ionic silver oxide, the clear kind. This is why we prefer OPTI•MIST.



For best results, extend the tongue and spray the affected area every 15 - 30 minutes, ensuring good coverage. Allow MULTI•MIST to pause for 3 minutes on the affected area before drinking any liquid. MULTI•MIST is non-toxic and safe to swallow for all ages. 


Tip the head to the side, pump 2 - 4 sprays to fill the affected ear. Maintain the 'underwater sound' for 30 - 60 seconds then drain into a tissue. Repeat this procedure once daily for mild discomfort. Repeat 2 times per day for severe discomfort or injury. Discontinue use once symptoms subside.


Spray the affected area to help relieve itching & burning.

The EPA Daily Oral Silver Reference Dose (CASRN 7440-22-4 RfD 14mcg/kg/day) applied to MULTI•MIST®, one may ingest 321,930 servings safely over 70 years.

INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water, Dextrose, Sodium Carbonate, Ag 0.0005%.

Please consult a physician if the desired results are not achieved.

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