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Essential Oils Aromatherapy Sleep Aid - Pure Ylang Ylang Chamomile Sage and Lavender Essential Oils for Diffuser - Mood Support Aromatherapy Oils for Stress Relief Sleep Aid and Natural Anxiety Relief


  • 【Natural Sleep Aid】Enjoy our essential oil blends for mood support and anxiety relief and say hello to better sleep and relaxation. Calm your mind and body with a sleep essential oil blend that works
  • 【Stress Relief】Our stress relief essential oil formula contains mood enhancing scented oils perfect for yoga, meditation, relaxing or sleeping. You’ll love its soothing properties and fragrant aroma
  • 【Lavender Essential Oil】Lavender oil is renowned for its aromatherapy benefits which can help restlessness, provide natural anxiety relief, improve mood, and enhance sleep onset, quality and duration
  • 【Essential Oil Diffuser】Forget pills and supplements when you can simply breath in the benefits of our diffuser oils. You can enjoy our essential oils just about anywhere you can take a diffuser
  • 【Aromatherapy Oils】Embrace the power of nature with aromatherapy essential oils for your sleep troubles and anxiety relief. Our blend includes chamomile and sage to minimize stress without chemicals

Publisher: Maple Holistics

Details: Maple Holistics Dream Essential Oil Blend is specially formulated to give you the sleep of your dreams without the aid of pills or potentially harmful chemicals. Try our pure essential oil blend and experience the power of a natural restful sleep aid rather than turning to habit forming prescriptions.

Our dream blend is comprised of 100% pure essential oils that are undiluted, non-additive, and non-filler. Our essential oil blends are easy to use: just put a few drops in a diffuser or bath and enjoy. You can also blend it with a carrier oil and apply to your feet, behind your ears, and on your temples or wrists to help you to relax and gently fall asleep.

We handpicked some of the most gentle yet effective natural oils to provide you with genuine relief. In addition to lavender essential oil, we also included Roman chamomile essential oil, Sage, and Ylang Ylang essential oil. Together, these aromatherapy essential oils ease your mind and body into a relaxed state to provide mood support and anxiety relief.

Specifically, ylang ylang helps promote positive emotions, so you can fall asleep and wake up feeling uplifted. Similarly, chamomile essential oil helps you feel relaxed and in a state of tranquility, promoting inner peace.

Each essential oil has been handpicked for its uniquely calming and soothing aromatherapy benefits. Our essential oils help you get a better night's sleep and prevent endless tossing and turning, so you can finally get the rest you deserve.

Package Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.0 x 1.7 inches

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