Eye See You


“I Am Always Protected”

It's believed that the evil eye protects its owner from harmful energy and negativity.

Serves as Good luck and Protection charm.

All are unique and handmade in Glass.

Available in the color of the seven major chakras:

1. ORANGE (Sacral Chakra)

  • Orange is the color of the Zodiac Leo. This eye color increases creativity and playfulness while dispelling negative energy and keeping things from becoming too serious. It acts as a Happiness and Protection charm, a motivation for commitment, and spices things up when time seems to be dragging.

2. YELLOW (Solar Plexus Chakra)

  • The color yellow is a very bright hue that is associated with the zodiac sign Gemini. It is used for health protection, decision-making, and protection from lethargy and depression. This also helps to sharpen the mind and concentration skills, as well as provide relief from nervousness and exhaustion.

3. GREEN (Heart Chakra)

  • Green represents Taurus. Green means a new state of balance, new love, and the freedom to pursue new ideas. While this eye serves as happiness and success protection, it also provides protection against fears and anxieties.

4. PINK (Crown Chakra)

  • This friendship protection charm provides the wearer with a sense of calm, relaxation, and contentment. Aside from that, it is a neutralizer of disorder and a symbol of love. Just like the other eye colors, Pink also represents a zodiac sign, and that is the Libra. 

5. VIOLET (Third Eye Chakra)

  • Sagittarius. This eye color serves as a self-protection charm and enhances creativity and mindfulness. Aside from these benefits, it also serves as True Love protection and aids in the re-balancing of your life, solitude, and inner communication. This eye can be used to remove obstacles, focus on personal issues, develop intuition, and step outside of everyday life to see a problem in a new and interesting light.

6. BLUE (Throat Chakra)

  • Aquarius’ zodiac color is blue. A lovely color associated with solitude, peace, calm, and relaxation. This eye guards the owner against Karma and Fate. Aside from these benefits, it broadens one's perspective, aids in learning new information, and promotes open communication with others.

7. RED (Root Chakra)

  • Aries, due to its intensity, is associated with the color red as its signature color. Red symbolizes protection from fears and anxiety. It gives the owner the courage and confidence to go after his/her dreams as well as more enthusiasm and energy for daily life.

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