Mind Your Hair

Give Your Life A Makeover!

We're all fascinated with the concept of the makeover. The media is pushing it as the quick fix, but that avoids the real issue and sweeps it under the rug. A hair or fashion makeover on the outside will only be as successful as the mindset and attitude changes you make on the inside.

Change of any kind, no matter what, should come from your mind and grow into a well-adjusted decision before any type of physical transformation. This thought-provoking book will guide you through the journey of transforming not only your style, but your life!

About the Author

French Native Patrice Bisiot moved to the US from Paris to pursue his dream of becoming a master hairstylist. His experience, education, and dedication have earned him worldwide recognition as a top expert in his field. His clientele includes celebrities, models, and entertainment industry professionals. When not practicing his craft, he travels the world giving seminars and lectures, spreading his passion for the career he loves.


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