Extra-Strength Bio-Active Silver Colloids for an all-purpose disinfectant household spray.


Eliminates odors & sanitizes on contact; Dental Devices, Make-Up Brushes & Sponges, Communication Devices, Air Filters & more.


Ingredients: Distilled Water, (HEC gel only) <1% Maltodextrin, Sodium Carbonate, .999 Fine Silver.


OPTI•MIST - Extra strength bio-active silver is prepared by OPTIMIST proprietary green-synthesis method using .999 fine silver with <1% residual reactants to achieve a ≥99% metallic colloidal silver Spray @ pH8.5 / 11ppm / Gel @ pH7.5 / 6ppm / Ø40nm spherical colloids. Approx. 1,590 silver atoms per colloid. These silver colloids are odorless, tasteless, non-toxic & very stable in light or heat. Silver salts cause Argyria (Blue Skin). These metallic colloids are too big to enter cells and can remain in suspension for decades if kept from freezing or contamination with salts.

Clear Ionic Silver, clear 'Colloidal Silver', or clear 'Structured Silver', 'Silver Protein', 'Silver Hydrosol' are all versions of Ionic Silver Oxide that comes with varying levels of toxicity, mild efficacy, a metallic taste, odor and risk of Argyria by nature of it oxidizing once inside healthy cells. So if it's clear, in a blue or amber bottle, and displays a Tyndall effect (laser beam), it's ionic silver oxide and is only useful in limited topical applications.



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