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Myco-Mobilize Kit By Desbio

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MyCo-Mobilize is a practitioner-directed protocol designed to help relieve symptoms of exposure to toxic mold. It combines homeopathic remedies designed to temporarily relieve the symptoms of mycotoxin and mold-toxicity, with targeted nutritional supplements to support detoxification and clearing activity. 

These products, along with an OmniCleanse Detox Kit, are the necessary products to complete the protocol.

  • 1 bottle of MycoCombo
  • 1 bottle of ToxAffix
  • 1 bottle of Liposomal Glutathione
  • 1 bottle of Liposomal Bio-Quercetin
  • Practitioner Guide

For a complete protocol add one of each to your cart.

Myco-Mobilize Kit By Desbio

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