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OPTI•MIST - 2 oz.

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OPTI•MIST® can help provide a bio-friendly alternative solution to antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, antihistamines and decongestants for fast-acting relief. This extra-strength formula is both odorless and flavorless, like water - an all-natural flight-ready solution for allergies, infection and irritation.

OPTI•MIST can encourage a healthy immune response by supporting the body's natural resistance factors that constitute an organism's first line of protection against the penetration and reproduction of pathogenic micro-organisms.*

Q: Why is OPTI•MIST safer? A: Non-toxic OPTI•MIST is removed by the bowels along with other waste material so there's no build-up or problems if any is swallowed. Grandma's Clear 'Colloidal' Silver (Ionic Silver Oxide), however, converts to silver chloride (AgCl) when exposed to hydrochloric acid in the stomach. The toxicity of Ionic Silver Oxide lies in the reaction with sulfur and selenium compounds already in the body to produce non-soluble particles that are larger than ions and become immobile inside healthy cells. Scanning electron microscope studies of Argyria victims show that the silver stuck in the skin is silver sulfide and silver selenide resulting from ionic silver oxide, the clear kind. 


Remove the protective cap before inserting the spray tip. One or two pumps is all it takes. Allow OPTI•MIST to remain for at least 15 seconds. Repeat this procedure every 15 - 60 minutes (as needed) at the first sign of symptoms and to address acute infection. Diminish use as symptoms subside. 

ADULTS: 2 - 4 Pumps.

CHILDREN: 1 - 2 Pumps.

NOTICE: Spray may sting briefly when applied to raw, injured or infected membranes. This kind of discomfort usually passes within a few seconds. Please consult a physician if the desired results are not achieved. Discontinue use once symptoms subside.

The EPA Daily Oral Silver Reference Dose (CASRN 7440-22-4 RfD 14mcg/kg/day) applied to OPTI•MIST®, one may ingest 160,965 servings safely over 70 years.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Dextrose, Sodium Carbonate, Ag 0.001%.

OPTI•MIST - 2 oz.

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