Prolon Professional


What is Prolon Professional?

Prolon Professional is a groundbreaking nutritional intervention that includes 5 days worth of convenient, tasty plant-based foods. These foods are specially formulated to put your body in a fasting state even though you're eating.
The benefits of multiple cycles of fasting are well-documented. 5 days FMD has been clinically studied to help support :
  1. Metabolic Wellness
  2. Weight Loss (average 8.2 pounds)
  3. Reduced Waist Circumference (average 1.6 inches)
  4. Lean Body Mass Preservation and Body Fat Reduction
  5. Lower Body Mass Index (BMI)
  6. Healthy Aging: Brought on by Weight loss, metabolic wellness, and cellular rejuvenation

Because Prolon Professional is formulated without nightshades, and with fewer grains and inulin, it supports milder digestion for individuals with a sensitive gut.

What Exactly is Cellular Clean-Up and Renewal?

During prolonged fasting, your body starts a self-cleaning process known as autophagy (or cellular clean-up). Think of this process of autophagy as a biological vacuum that cleans up old and worn-out cellular components to make room for newer, fresher ones.

How does this help with a sensitive gut?
  • No lectins

  • No nightshades

  • Low inulin

  • Low grains

So, what's in it? 

  • New soup flavors with improved creamy texture

    • Beet Soup

    • Broccoli Soup

    • Asparagus Soup

    • Vegetable Soup

    • Artichoke Soup

  • Chocolate square each day

    • REAL chocolate every day

  • New Crackers

    • Even better than before-- if you can imagine that!

  • Improved fully recyclable packaging to reflect the quality inside 


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