This necklace, like all the other jewelry of the REVERSIBLE collection, is 2in1. It can be worn in two different ways according to your desires, its minimalist curves break the classic codes and the traditional typology of a piece of jewelry.

From a piece of jewelry flows a silhouette. This collection, where sober sophistication and assumed sensuality meet, is the embodiment of who we are with sensitivity, simplicity and authenticity.

The gold layer plated on our jewelry is 3µ, 3 times higher than a «finely gilded» jewelry, guaranteeing a greater durability.

Each piece is signed with a square punch for gold plated and oval shape followed by «925» for silver jewellery. A serial number guaranteeing them a real authenticity and a sign of quality.

This first numbered series is published in small quantities of 25 pieces.

The Reversible necklace is delivered in a custom-made box. Enclosed in a protective foam, it will wait for you in the warmth of its moments of rest.


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