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Rose Lip Balm

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Organic deluxe rose lip balm 10ml

An exquisite, organic, rose-scented lip balm to instantly nourish, soften, hydrate and protect.

This deliciously soothing lip balm glides beautifully onto the lips, instantly hydrating, nurturing, protecting and softening. Its scent of roses delights the senses, whilst its gentle pink hue adds a touch of vitality to the lips.

Beauté Tip

Apply before bed for a calming scent to lull you to sleep and deliciously soft lips in the morning.


Apply to the lips as often as required.


Smooth and creamy, with a powerful aroma.


*Beeswax (cera alba), *Cacao seed butter, *Shea butter (butyrosperum parkil), *Sweet almond oil (prunus amygdalas), Bulgarian rose essential oil (rosa damascena), *Bourbon geranium essential oil (pelargonium roseum). *Organic ingredients

Rose Lip Balm

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