Who is behind Bodhaya ?

You all are, along with me!

My name is Celia, I am a true Liberal continually in search for the truth.

Being the owner of my destiny, I'll do everything for my destiny to run its course.

I am part of the First generation Indigo, we also call us Cobalt or Blue. Since a very young age and through out my life, I had experiences and revelations from the invisible world. Very early on, I understood that It was difficult to talk about any of my experiences with anyone. I learned to listen to my inner voice, my higher self for guidance which with the years propelled me to another sphere of knowledge and inquiry. I did many experimentations on myself and learned a lot with it. Passing successfully tests that I encounter through life, I have been rewarded by receiving many tools…

I have been awarded with the connection to the Angelic world, with the gift of always receiving the information intuitively, constantly improving my knowledge with my everyday life experiences and readings.

I'll say that I am a free spirit, that has been following my inner voice since childhood. My spirituality and Alchemical skill manifest from that time. I like challenges that brings about change as I'm always renovating and revising my thinking.

What I thrive the most? Is to follow my Mission in this life time, to help people move away from oppression or depression.

I'm a Catalyst, only "The Creator", "The Light", "God" can heal, I am at his service. I learned to invoke the Divine Presence, Divine Intelligence to change the seen through the unseen. Knowing that "The Creator", "The Light", "God" is in all of us, I can use his strength. Being an Harmonyum practitioner and Bio Metaphysical therapist, I can open myself and allow him to work through me to do the healing. I am here to educate anyone, that the only true form healing is self-healing and my role is to guide and support you through the healing process.

Healing is between "the Creator", "The Light", "God" and You.

My goal as an Harmonyum practitioner and Bio-Metaphysical therapist is to live a life that serve as an example of a healthy lifestyle.

I am here with you to sow the seed of a new life.