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What is Harmonyum?

Harmonyum is a Divine healing science known as Bio-Metaphysical Medicine. It's power is the same as that of the force represented by the engraving on the rod of Moses.

Harmonyum is a divine healing system that assists in raising the body's vital energy and rate of vibration in a way that cannot occur with medicines, herbal extracts, drugs, and the like.

Harmonyum belongs to a chain of Light. This chain of Light is the lineage of those once worshipped in Ancient Egypt. During this Period in human history, health was of the utmost importance. People with pristine power routinely accessed the astral body and spirit of the bones, known as the body of Light, in order to heal the physical body without causing side effects.

How does Harmonyum heal?

Harmonyum works on your physical body through your spiritual body. It works on your emotions and thoughts. This Healing delivers the recipient to a state of indescribable healing by opening the channels of the body and expanding its healing light from inside out.

Just as water nourishes your skin and organs, Harmonyum treatments nourish the life within you, causing it to flourish and awaken innate healing faculties that you never knew existed. It is the reservoir from which health, peace and happiness emanate, vivifying your life and correcting negativity and dysfunction in your being.

This healing positively, affects the entire brain, targeting emotional traumas, bad habits, and the root causes of mental, emotional and physical disturbances.

As this Healing system restores the natural flow of Love in the body, the pranic supply to all cells increases, nurturing all the organs of the body. This is achieved because Harmonyum melts physical tension, so that the spiritual body can clear all block-ages in the free circulation of life-force throughout the body.
  • There is no karma that cannot be erased with Divine Love.
  • There is no wound that exists that cannot be cured by Divine Love.
  • There is no wound of mind, of heart, or of spirit, that cannot be healed by Divine Love.
  • There is no wound created in the past or present that cannot be made whole by Divine Love.
Divine Love has the Power to heal all and produce Miracles from even the most impossible of circumstances.

Receiving the transcendental treatment of Harmonyum Healing on a regular basis connects us with our higher self, so that our intuitive intelligence causes us to have knowledge of what we need to know and what our soul requires most, along with connecting us to the healthy thoughts we need to allow into our mind so that we can be in harmony with the Universe.

What are the benefits of receiving an Harmonyum Healing?

Harmonyum enhances our body's ability to regulate immune functions so that our self-healing mechanisms can kick into gear, diminishing the cycle of dis-ease.

This Healing gives you strength, power and Light.

As you experience its gentle warmth, your body will undergo processes of embellishment, intensification, purification, and sanctification of life that enhances all your faculties.

Find here some of the benefits you get after receiving an Harmonyum session:
  • Sense of calm
  • Relaxation
  • Vitality
  • Every part of the body is charged with a gentle pulsing of the organic current
  • Eyes become bright and the complexion noticeably radiant
  • It makes the aura beautiful and magnetic
  • Some people reported the disappearance of chronic conditions after few treatments, more serious conditions may need regular sessions in order to completely rejuvenate the body
  • Harmonyum healing gently and effectively sends you to the Divine or Astral world to restore your body's natural healing mechanism
  • The treatment eliminates destructive energies such as anger, fear, stress and anxiety and replaces them with feelings of peace and serenity
  • It induce a psychological shift, which allows you to become aware of the causes led by your thoughts and actions
  • It creates self healing by also expanding your awareness to recognize the laws of nature, primarily how cause and effect impacts your life by changing behaviors and attitudes you may undo and control the damages caused by living in disharmony
  • In addition your daily practice in awareness starts to free your power of choice in how to think and act. Your growing awareness enables you to make conscious choices to behave in ways that support your positive growth
  • It's one of the rare healing systems known to nurture and give unconditional love that can automatically experience by the recipient
  • Since the whole universe is kept together by the energy of love, when that energy property flows in our body, we are happy and healthy
  • It's becoming common knowledge that hurt feelings, emotional entanglement, resentment, fear and frustration can cause the ever flowing energy of love to become blocked, then manifesting disharmony and disease. This healing reconnects us with the natural flow of love in the body, wiping our every weakness in our destiny
  • When you receive Harmonyum you should feel the love flowing through you as all resentments, fears and doubts drain away. At this point you move gently and completely into the healing space
  • It turns your whole body into an energetic lighthouse while promoting health, and longevity and developing your own profound intuition.

How many sessions do I need before to feel any benefits?

Right after the first healing session you already feel some of the benefits.

When the natural harmonious balance of solar energy, lunar energy and the proper functioning of any one or more of the five governing pranic currents (Vyana, circulation; Udana, metabolism; Samana, Assimilation; Prana, crystallization; Apana, elimination) is restored by God's divine power, the atomic balance of the physical cells they nourish is restored. The healing is perfect and often instantaneous.

For anyone who is introduced to the transcendental healing system of Harmonyum, seven treatments are necessary to set in right motion the healing forces necessary to correct the primary blocks that are the genetically inherited challenging influences on our lives from all those millions of people involved in our genetic past that eventually died, and whose destructive patterns manifest in our lives as challenges in health, career, or love.

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