Indigo Children

Indigo Children

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Now it's the time that we start remembering who we are and where we came from and why we are here today.

We are all spirits that decided for a reason or another to come have an experience on Earth in a human body. Each spirit comes here with their own level of consciousness to fulfill a Mission, a purpose. Most Souls are born with their memory erased and others with it partially intact.

What is an Indigo?

Indigo also called Cobalt or blue are usually very intuitive, strong willed and incredibly bright souls that decided to come on earth to show Humanity that, really, we are all star Children. They are often the rule breakers, they do not want to fit into the system and they are here on a special Mission to help humanity evolve and move toward a higher level of consciousness.

Who are they?

Most of Humanity believes that we all have our own mind and body, our own thoughts and feelings, our own life. Indigo Children knows we are all One. We just have forgotten that we are all connected. The Indigo has an inner knowing and a deeper understanding, including psychic abilities. Most Indigo that are here now, came into this life time with many challenges and previous karma which they have to resolve as well as getting read of the old patterns and learn their lessons to move on and ascend to be natural spiritual teachers and leaders. Because of this, You are going tol come to realize that many Indigo's knew from a very young age that they were special with an important mission to fulfill in this lifetime... This situation for some of them put them at ease and for others it made them feel like they do not belong here.

What are their gifts?

Most of Indigo's are born with Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairaudience and or Clairsentience. They easily connect with the angel realm and see through people. They detect dishonesty in others, and have a supernatural ability to read others and situations. Usually they are confident individuals with a high sense of self-worth. Their warrior personalities, psychic gifts, and their strong intuition has been given to them to help you break your false beliefs and help you remove obstacles. All this gifts to help Humanity to wake up and move on to your next level.

Indigo's characteristics?

  • Many rules seem silly and arbitrary, they prefer a creative approach to most things
  • Rigid authority with no room for input often rubs them the wrong way and they tend to distance themselves from these people, institutions, and organizations.
  • They sometimes seem anti-social unless with other Indigo's
  • Insightful, often coming up with new ways to do things and ways to improve old rules and processes
  • Sometimes feel lost or misunderstood
  • Often cope with difficulties by going inward
  • They prioritize their personal needs without anxiety over how this is going to be perceived
  • Headstrong and strong willed
  • They are creative and are drawn to many types of creative expression
  • Addiction prone
  • Feel like an old soul, even at a young age
  • Often isolate themselves or are born introverts
  • Sometimes have a history of seeing angels or other spirits
  • Incredibly intuitive
  • Independent
  • Proud
  • Called to help others in large and profound ways
  • Easily bored
  • They can fluctuate between feelings of grandiosity and low self-esteem
  • Tendency toward insomnia, nightmares and  other disturbed sleep patterns
  • Often diagnosed as ADHD or ADD as children
  • Prefers to maintain a few friendships that are deep and real, versus many friends that are less lasting
  • Strongly connected to animal and plants
  • History of depression, suicidal ideation or attempts
  • Intelligent and quick learners, good in academic settings
  • Sensitive digestion
  • Technology oriented
  • Incredible memories
  • Direct and determined when they set their mind to something
  • Non-conformist or rebellious
  • Can be very talkative as children and adults
  • Sometimes hyperactive or inconsiderate... Especially when on a mission
  • Often impatient

 What is the Indigo's Mission?

Our Mission is to point out that we are all here on earth in a multidimensional school and that your purpose here is to open yourself up to the Divine, for you to remember your true selves. We are here to help you awaken and access the collective love and wisdom of humanity and at the same time help you let go what is no longer serving you.

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