What is Bodhaya?

Bodhaya, Sanskrit for "to cause to awaken", "to enlighten" is an innovative "Wellbeing" platform, that acts as a place of transmission between the dimensions of the spirit and those of form - where cutting edge Healing, Art, Science and Spirituality meet.

Many of you already started the process, let's now vibrate at a higher frequency of "ONENESS" to manifest real freedom, contribution and action at a bigger scale!

Bodhaya invites individuals from all walks of life, spiritual warriors of all ages, companies, communities from all around the planet who share the same vision of a better world made of peace, freedom, healthy lifestyle, joy, happiness, unconditional love, consciousness, wisdom to become ambassadors to each other by creating ONE big community.

Let's join forces and create events together with the purpose of empowerment for humanity, children, to support our environment… and so much more. By being united as ONE big community, we have more impact to establish consciousness in many human beings around the world and make a powerful change.

Only United we can start making a real difference in the life you live. By Empowering each other, we are empowering ourselves and can create Harmony on Earth. United, we guide each other into greater wholeness, each of us with our own spiritual responsibility for our growth and our own capacity to help others to the degree that we are willing and able.

Bodhaya brings deepening intelligent awareness and action for positive world change.

 "Knowledge is the first Key to Empowerment" Bodhaya