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L-Pill by ProLon

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Health Aging Daily Supplement

The L-Pill was developed by leading longevity scientists and doctors in collaboration with The Longevity Institute at The University of Southern California.

It is a dual-cap technology that includes a high concentration of naturally occurring ingredients that were carefully selected to be safe and effective in supporting healthy aging of the body’s cells and organs.

  • Sustained Energy
  • Brain Health
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • 100% Vegan
  • Cellular Protection and Healthy Aging

Suggestions for use:

Take two capsules daily before or during a meal. You can stop and restart at any time of your liking. If you have a health condition, consult with your doctor before taking the L-Pill. Do not take the L-Pill if you have allergies to any of its ingredients.

With ProLon’s L-Pill, you're not just choosing a supplement, you're choosing a partner in your longevity and healthy aging journey. While we're continuously researching to further advance our understanding of longevity, we're committed to providing you with the best of what science and nature offer today.

Ingredients for Healthy Aging

The quality and pace of our biological age are the main determinants for a healthy long life. L-Pill's strength lies in its unique combination of four naturally occurring ingredients that have been consumed by millions and studied for their potential benefits in supporting healthy aging:

  • DHA
  • ProJUVN3™
  • Polynol®
  • Pure Tea®
L-Pill by ProLon

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