• I'm new to this type of yoga, and I love it!

    It's invigorating, healing and relaxing. The environment is beautiful, and the teacher Celia is very knowledgeable and encouraging. I can really feel the difference in my body, and I'll definitely be back.

    - Kiki C

  • I've been a few times and enjoyed the experience every time.

    Much needed after a hectic week. I highly recommend.

    - Sean Millet

  • Hi, Celia - thank you again for the wonderful sound bath, health-focused healing and many special gifts you bestowed upon me yesterday.

    You are so warm, gracious and welcoming, and your healing space is inviting and full of light. I loved the wide range of tones, textures and intensities (including colors, movement and imagery) that washed over me and through me, working its magic to help release all that no longer serves me. I slept so peacefully last night, awoke early this morning and am now gliding into a new day feeling lighter, more integrated, balanced and truly blessed. Thanks again and best wishes~ until next time...

    - K

  • I had 2 Soundbath's in 1 week!

    They both were outstanding! That one on Mother's Day was perfect, as it was outside, what an experience that was! My god-mother and her friend enjoyed it so much. Her friend had never done it and was fascinated by the whole thing. It's such a relaxing and balancing experience. Try it.... you'll like it, maybe even love it!

    - Sharon Bowen

  • Once again, another beautiful SoundBath experience.

    It had been 3 weeks since my last one, and I can tell you, it makes a difference in the way I feel mentally, physically and emotionally. I took my sister-in-law this time (I love taking someone new) and she loved it too! She said the next morning, she felt great, her mind felt clear and she felt less anxious.

    - Sharon Bowen

  • First time doing a sound bath and it was incredible!

    I didn't know what to expect but joined a friend on a birthday session. The energy and experience was unlike anything I'd ever tried. Her space is calm, beautiful and well set up for guests. Celia is extremely talented and knowledgeable at what she does and I will definitely be booking another session soon.

    - Emma N.

  • Hi! Celia is a lifesaver.

    I've been using her magic several times in great time of need, physical and emotional. Celia has always delivered, she worked on me at distance and in person, and always, always my symptoms vanished! The grounding and at peace feeling of her sessions stayed with me for a while... I really wished everyone could experience Celia's healings!

    - Valerie

  • Another fantastic Soundbath.

    I truly believe it is therapeutic for me. Must try it!

    - Sharon B.

  • I love the Soundbath experience!

    I have done several of them and find they bring me balance within my body and mind.

    - Sharon B.

  • Thank you for giving us such an amazing experience.

    I was relaxed and I slept so well. You are really gifted at your craft. Happy Holidays to you.

    - CB

  • Enjoyed another awesome soundbath.

    It was slightly different from the first one, which I love because Celia can tell what is needed and that is what she gives. I took my friend and enjoyed it. At the end we got to relax and enjoy a great conversation.

    - Sharon B.

  • Wonderful relaxed experience with four girlfriends.

    Felt great after. Plan to do it again.

    - Fern L.

  • Such a lovely experience.

    I had a very spiritual journey. Thank you for the beautiful sound bath and energy healing. 💡✨

    - Anonymous

  • I just experienced the Mindful Soundbath Experience this evening and it was amazing.

    I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Celia is great and exudes positive energy. The surroundings are calm and peaceful. The experience creates movement of energy throughout your body. It opens up all of your senses. My husband also participated and he is a skeptic of this kind of thing. He enjoyed it immensely! We will definitely do it again.

    - Sharon B.

  • What an amazing experience.

    Beautiful space, so peaceful clean and calming. Celia is so knowledgeable in the area of wellness and healing. I will definitely go back.

    - Anonymous

  • Thank you Celia for your light and healing energy.

    That was a beautiful experience. Beautiful space and energy. Very attuned. The energy healing and sound frequencies facilitated and inspired a deep journey within me. I am, we are, the embodiment of peace and love. The divine in me honors and bows to the divine in you. Namaste 🪄✨🙏💕🌈💡☮

    - Anonymous

  • Celia is wonderful.

    It's a very rejuvenating class I highly recommend it.

    - Anonymous

  • Lovely and a warm atmosphere.

    The instructor was informative and delightful.

    - Anonymous

  • The sounds are still vibrating through me.

    Thank you so much, you were epic.

    - AC

  • Celia is truly incredible.

    My sweet senior dog, Hugo, had been experiencing chronic diarrhea and stomach upset for several months and was losing a scary amount of weight (as he wouldn't eat).

    Celia completed an energy healing on Hugo and his health and eating improved a few days after. We have been able to get to the root of his trouble through further blood work and are thankful that his eating improved thanks to Celia!

    - Melinda T.

  • Thank you for an amazing experience.

    I enjoyed being outdoors under the birds and tree's where I felt connected to the music and the environment fully! The individual tuning fork treatment was a unique addition that I wasn't expecting and made the experience that much greater. My entire brain felt reorganized.

    - Rosanna C.

  • The sounds were all so beautiful and healing.

    I could feel my brain reorganizing. Being outside and witnessing the birds and trees respond to the sounds was magical! Thank you for creating these events and infusing them with the wisdom of frequency healing. My girlfriend expressed much gratitude on our ride away as well.

    - 420foodielover

  • Celia is an amazing person.

    Her method of energy healing works and I was convinced after my 4th session. I will not reveal all the details from my experience however I would say one thing for sure that physically pain that I had and Fear are gone.

    - Eduard D.

  • Bodhaya offers a variety of meditation and health experiences.

    Celia can optimize your experience to focus on the specific journey of growth one is seeking. A seemingly simple breathing check in left me feeling more capable to address the numerous responsibilities life seems to present, with grace. I am eternally grateful for safe space to pause and readjust my busy mind.

    - Janey Baker

  • Thank you, Celia...

    For such a delightful sound bath session - we all felt super-charged afterward! My wife has been under-the-weather all week - and your vibrational magic is just what the 'Dr.' ordered.

    - BeverlyHills ScooterClub

  • I adore Celia de Flers' 4th dimensional holistic healing as well as her jewellery with meaning, with which she helped me to regain energy, faith and trust in general.

    I was curious and wanted to give the distant healing a try via video call, when I was in need. Living in Europe, I was very excited just before, during and after the whole divine process in which she dives deep for you for some hours. I am very grateful for her healing hands and positivity, with which she helped me and also my cat. My pet had a big surgery the day before. We recovered both from anxiety and panic and got our good mood and strength back. Celia is vibrant, douce, very empathic and offered a fourty five minutes session. It was also an adventure to see her in the process in her surrounding while her pet, a little charming kitty was curious, too and said hi. I recommend the distant healing for human and pet. Thank you so much for everything! Linde and Sprotte

    - Gerlinde H.

  • Celia is truly an inspiring and healing being.

    She has guided me through so many aspects of my life - from the tranquility I so desperately needed as well as diet/yoga/exercise guidance - Celia has transformed me through her coaching and I have become somewhat of a regular at Bodhaya for that reason. Her energy is invigorating and her yoga practice is truly special!

    - Amanda S.

  • I went a Sound Bath session this past Monday night. The moment I walked in, I could tell she's a special person. Hard to explain in words, I just felt it.

    The breath exercises were truly incredible, I felt it throughout my body! If that wasn't fantastic enough, then we laid down for the Sound Bath.OMDOG! I can't even begin to explain how AMAZING that was!! You can feel healing is her passion. She not just gave her all during the session, but she truly cared how I felt. She's very intuitive, no doubt about it.Honestly, I was in awe when I left! I'm most certainly going back!!! She's the real deal, not kidding you! Needless to say, as I'm sure you guessed by now... :)I recommend her wholeheartedly 100%!!

    - K9 Toddlers Ar

  • Celia is warm and caring practitioner, I attended her Sound bath class and absolutely loved it. 

    I came without any expectations, just curious and when I left, I felt energized, uplifted, and restored.Thank you, Celia, for giving me such a wonderful experience.

    - Ella B.

  • Amazing experience, Highly recommended. 

    It was a first ever experience for me, and I felt great. An hour went by so quickly, Celia did a great job!

    - Elza B.

  • Thank you for my amazing healing session today!

    My spirits are lifted, my energy is calm for my very busy week ahead! Beautiful space for healing.

    - Rosanna C.

  • I love the powerful yoga sessions with Bodhaya.

    The work with mantras and breathing is unique. It reconnected me with yoga, another type of it beyond the bodywork. I added some healing sessions with Celia and it's a wonder, she works with her heart and light.

    - Esther R.

  • This is my mom's practice, and she is truly a woman of the people.

    I may be her daughter, but through an unbiased rating, her healing has really made a difference in my character. I feel so much lighter and confident walking through life. She does anything to help people, and puts other before herself. Come check out her yoga classes and healing sessions. You will not be disappointed with the results.

    - Zoe S.

  • I've done several Energy healing sessions, yoga and meditation classes at Bodhaya

    Every time it was an amazing and different experience where yoga, sound, meditation, healthy food were combined to help you step out of your everyday worries.

    - Pauline D.

  • Wonderful experience!

    I adore Celia and her many blessings she has in store for her attendees!

    - Marina R.

  • Wonderful and uplifting experience with the guided meditation and the sound bath session. 

    Celia is a master and gently guides you through the experience. I'm still benefiting of all these healing works. Thank you Bodhaya!

    - Esther V.

  • Celia is amazing!!! 

    The experience I had was really life changing. She is so passionate about her craft and what she does truly helps! Not only was she extremely professional, she was kind, welcoming, and made me feel so comfortable. It was my first experience doing a session like this and now I’m hooked! Thanks Celia!

    - Debbie Lewis

  • I recently attended a Soundbath hosted by Celia and it was magical! 

    It took place in her private, tranquil outdoor oasis surrounded by nature. As soon as I closed my eyes, the mesmerizing sounds shifted my mind into a relaxed state and made me forget about everything and I became blissfully immersed in the experience. I highly recommend to everyone and look forward to attending many more. It was wonderful and I had the best night's sleep after this experience.

    - Ly K.

  • My daughter of 12 years old has had some issues with taking the lift, and expressing herself without being afraid or shy.

    She had a few Healing sessions with Celia, and a few weeks later, I could notice some considerable changes in my daughter's behavior and in her personality. First, she is no longer afraid of taking a lift, and she is less introvert and shy. I do believe the Healing sessions have had lots of positive effect on her. I am so grateful. Thank you Celia for your magic!

    - C.B.

  • I did 2 sessions with Mrs. Celia de Flers, I was looking for peace, serenity, and spirituality in my life.

    She explained to me all the goals of the Healing Session she was going to give me. When I am with Celia, I feel all the good energies around her, and she brings me what I'm looking for, and the answers regarding all the very deep questions that I've got. During the sessions, I was able to feel my body and the energy. I am much more conscious about happiness and notice all signs in my life now, for the best. It puts me away from all bad people and brings me the good ones, for having the best way in my life.I recommend Celia de Flers as a practitioner, she listens to what you are looking for, and she is very attentive about what you feel during the session and wants your feedback after.

    - Anonymous

  • Recently, I've been dealing with a lot of problems/situations that have caused me a great deal of emotional pain.

    I'm also struggling with some large, personal health issues. Together, they've brought me down. Way down. Celia and her healing hands, are helping me regain my vitality as I carefully balance the burdens that living this life throws at me.Thank you, Celia. I do appreciate your compassion and dedication.

    - Anonymous

  • I have been struggling with an auto immune disease for the past 2 years and nothing I tried made me feel better.

    I started to see Celia and I instantly felt a shift with my energy level. Every session I feel re-energized and my health keeps on improving. She has been a life savior and I will continue seeing her for my health, but also for the precious life advice she gives me every time. I recommend her Healing powers to anyone who is in need of a better life. Celia is the most caring person I know.

    - Pascale B.

  • I experience quite an unexpected journey on my first of 7 energy healing sessions.

    I saw bright lights, felt hot and cold sensations on my back. I must have drifted off into a relaxed meditation state during the session. Part of my experience was my arrival seeing a friend who just finished their session. She was glowing and I did not recognize  her. In my first session and to ones that follow, I noticed my thoughts and desires changed and I became so focus on a path I truly believed in my whole life. "Me" and what  to do. It has been several weeks now as I wanted to complete the sessions promptly and things continue  to unfold. I had a different session on my heart area and this was so intense, I had to go off the table, in all this has been another amazing chapter in my life. Thank you Celia de Flers with all of my heart. I would like a chance to repeat the heart session, if I could. 

    - Dana Blanchard

  • I had 4 Healing sessions, It has lifted that constant feeling of a weight over my shoulders, bringing me down. 

    I sit more straight now. It helped remove the fog I had before my brain. It gave me back confidence. It helped me to finally say no when I had to. I was feeling happy and strong. I was in Shock! I was able to stand up for myself!! Oh, also, I'm not afraid of driving anymore. Especially the freeway. I felt like empowered again! The first session of what she calls a "Vitamin boost", was the strangest thing that ever happened to me. I felt like a very heavy "bag of sand" was trying to be removed and pulled out of my belly and making it smaller. The heavy feeling that it is in the way of everything, me, my life. I can't wait for more sessions to get rid of this bag!

    - Catherine Gille Ford

  • Celia, Thank you so much for the change you have helped me achieve after a year of depressive mood.

    Now I'm happy, I'm content and I feel free. Your open heart, intuition are a wonderful recipe for a positive outcome. I was so impressed with the results that I have referred a number of my friends to Celia. They all have been feeling better and lighter about the issues they originally went for. I've enjoyed my sessions over the past 6 months... Thank you.

    - Marie

  • When I started Healing sessions with Celia, I didn't know what to expect.

    Right away, after my first session, I started feeling lighter. Letting go of blockages was easier than ever. As I experienced more sessions, I felt gradually peaceful, less reactive, calmer. Things don't affect me the same way. Changes are subtle but I notice it's easier to maintain a feeling of well-being even when stress kicks in. Celia has a gentle and pure healing touch that you can feel uplifting your energy.Thank you, Celia.

    - Florence D.W.

  • Two words : Astoundingly brilliant!

    I did only one session and through my session with Celia, I not only came alive again, I came to know myself a little bit better - and in so doing found a love within I never thought possible. Many wonderful transformations have ensued. The difference  in me is like night and day. The session itself was really Powerful, I felt like in a wake dream with a lot of visions ! Celia is an extraordinary individual being the ever consummate professional and a unassailable confidant, bringing not only beautiful intuition and deep compassion to her sessions but also true equanimity, authentic presence and joyful warmth to the process. With Celia you are in good hands and if you choose to have sessions, then, it is , quite simply, a journey like no other!

    - Gigi

  • Thank you, Celia!

    I wanted to share my experience meeting Celia in December 2016. My Mum was diagnosed with Cancer in November and Celia was recommended by a friend early December. I had never met Celia before. We arranged for a Healing session to be carried out two days after Mum Chemo treatment. She was extremely friendly and professional. She took loads of notes and details before meeting my Mum. For instance, date of birth, symptoms and so on. Celia gave a full reading of the planets and was accurate on a lot of points. Before and during her session, you could feel her presence in the room as it was really calm and peaceful. Her energy definitely traveled through and as a result, Mum was rested and felt serene. After the session ended and during the next few days, Mum was really tired but had much less ache in her joints than before. Celia continued to get in touch with Mum to check on her progress and advising us food complement and techniques to make her feel comfortable. I can say she has made a positive impact. At the Present stage, my Mum is continuing to receive treatment for her tumor and is due to start her radiotherapy combined with 3 sets of Chemo for 6 weeks. Nevertheless, the tumor has shrunk by over 80% so it is great news and a strep to recovery! We are definitely recommending her service. She is nice, attentive and has an excellent attitude. She is extremely professional too. Thank you, Celia.

    - F.H.