Bodhaya Autumn Equinox Celebration and Get-together

Bodhaya Autumn Equinox Celebration and Get-together

Only twice a year is our planet evenly struck by sunlight, these moments are called the Equinoxes.

We invite you to join Bodhaya's tribe for their first ever event to celebrate the third most powerful day of the year, the first day of Autumn!

A very special gathering hosted by a magical trio : Celia de Flers, Greg Ellis and Marie Sadron.

Enjoy a powerful and unique fusion of pranayama meditation, Shakti Naam Yoga and Sacred Wisdom to accelerate growth, healing and prosperity in your life. Raise your consciousness through vibrations of rhythm and tone to experience the simple joy of BEING, both as Individuals and as a collective. Savor food for the soul to connect your taste buds with the healing nutritious products that Mother Nature has to offer at this period of the year!

You'll return home harmonized, renewed and aligned with the healing frequency of the new season, taking with you tools for each one to use and improve your daily life and some little surprised gifts…

The celebration is taking place in a private, comforting and peaceful setting at Villa Bodhaya, an innovative well-being sanctuary nestled in the hills of Woodland Hills. The address will be sent after making your reservation.

Limited space available.

Tickets are $60 in advance and $80 Saturday at the door.

I invite you to register and reserve your space by calling (310) 254-5136Please leave a message and we will get back to you asap

Discover your magical trio:

Greg Ellis (Drummer and percussionist)

 Bodhaya Autumn Equinox Celebration and Get-together

In the course of his long career as a percussionist, Greg Ellis has played with diverse artists from Beck to Mickey Hart. His soundtrack work includes The Matrix, Argo, 300, Iron Man and over 100 more films. He is a passionate advocate for the transformative power of organic rhythms and "real time" music.

"My approach to drumming is based upon a deep loyalty to the innate power of rhythm. I start in a place unknown and allow the rhythm to reveal the direction I take. The proper rhythms played on the proper drums can give us a sense of feeling "in tune" with our experience and surroundings"

- Greg Ellis


Marie Sadron (French Chef)

Bodhaya Autumn Equinox Celebration and Get-together

Alias "Marie de Paris," was born in Paris, France to an American mother and French father.

"I developed a passion for food very early on, thanks to most weekends and school vacations spent in Burgundy. I discovered Dijon mustard at age 3, Epoisses cheese perhaps at 5, and "foie gras "crom'Exquis" at 7. When taken to l'Esperance, a 3 Star Michelin restaurant. What a making day! Which brought me back to l'Esperance 20 years later to spend the summer in their kitchen learning as much as I could- and to my delight, the "crom'Exquis" we're still on the menu."

- Marie Sadron


Following a business degree with the project of creating her own catering company, many years of working in various restaurants in Paris and Berlin, in kitchen as well as up front, running a small catering company in Maine, she is now in Los Angeles to share her passion for food and joy of bringing people together.


Celia de Flers (jewelry Designer and Bio-Metaphysical therapist)

Bodhaya Autumn Equinox Celebration and Get-together

Celia de Flers was born and raised in Paris, France. Celia has been living in California for now quite some time, and succeed to keep her charming thick French accent ;)

Since a very young age, 2-years-old as she can remember, Celia has been aware of the visible and non-visible world… Celia is an Intuitive practitioner, identified as a Harmonyum practitioner and Bio-Metaphysical therapist. A meditation and Shakti Naam Yoga certified instructor and more. She assist her clients by guiding them to access their abilities, and to open up for self-healing. Celia believes that the only true form of healing is self-healing, and her role is to guide and support her clients through the healing process.

Besides all of this, Celia has developed an exquisite jewelry line that she created with love. Some of her pieces can be used as healing tools.

When : Saturday the 22nd of september 2018

Start at 4:50pm and End at 10:20pm

Where : "Villa Bodhaya" in Woodland Hills (Precise address revealed after reservation)

What to wear : Comfortable clothing 

What to bring : A yoga mat and or a cushion/blanket if you desire

You are welcome to stay after the event is finished to mingle. Have a glass of wine to continue the Fall Equinox Celebration, enjoy music, socialize, play pétanque...

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