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Detox and Weight-Management Program

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Thank you for joining Celia in this program.

Please download and complete the form linked below. Select the form that best describes you and send it to to schedule a Zoom meeting with Celia.

During your meeting, Celia is going to discuss whether this program is for you and, if so, which protocol works best for you. Additionally, you're going to be invited to join the Facebook group to receive updates and follow the tips and tools needed for the program you've chosen.

The detox program is 14 days. When booking your free consultation and going through the survey with Celia you can decide to add a specialized detox program or a Chronic infections program following your needs for the next 3-8 weeks.

This is an excellent option for anyone that are experiencing ongoing symptoms or has known exposure to a specific type of toxicity that you would like to address.

Here are some specialized Detoxification suggestions:

  • Élima Tox: Comprehensive protocol for anyone concerned with exposure to environmental toxins such as food additives, electromagnetic frequencies, and pollutants or those with multiple chemical sensitivities.
  • Candida Clear: Comprehensive protocol for managing symptoms of intestinal candida and gastrointestinal regeneration.
  • EndoPara Clear: Comprehensive protocol that targets symptoms of intestinal parasites including blastocysts, hominid giardia, blood flukes, roundworms, tapeworms, pinworms, whipworms, and hookworms.
  • Meta and Mineral balancing kit: Comprehensive protocol for aiding the body in the release of toxic metal elements and supporting replenishment of essential nutrients 
  • Myco-Mobilize: Synergistic program for relieving symptoms caused my mold exposure.
For Chronic Infections, Celia suggests adding the Series Symptoms Relief. This is a targeted homeopathic protocol for managing symptoms of specific infectious agents, including Lyme, EBV, Bartonella, HPV, and more.
Don't hesitate to speak up about your concerns! Celia is here to guide you all throughout the program.
Detox and Weight-Management Program

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