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The combination of concentration, correct breathing and positive thinking is the best workout for the Mind.

Mantra Meditation help control your mood. It change your brain waves to create self healing and harmony to heal.

This simple meditation technique, helps balance the hemispheres of your brain, accelerate learning and develop laser focus and allows you to tap into deep levels of intuition.

Unlike any meditations, you can begin to feel the benefits in only minutes and you can practice the meditation anywhere and anytime, Try it out Now!

"We are a holographic world, we can call it energy."

Why do we Meditate?

  1. Meditation is part of the process of Manifestation.
  2. Clean our Mind- The causes of everything is in our thoughts. Only ourselves practicing Meditation, we can clean our mind, change our thoughts patterns to positive thinking and we must clean the pattern of our speech (30 to 40 minutes minimum to 1 hour Meditation help)
  3. Gain self-Knowledge-  Only through knowledge we can correct and adjust.
  4. It gives us more Consciousness and allow us to be less reactive, it neutralize our body of pain. When we Meditate in the morning, we shrink this energy to pocket size.
  5. It keeps us grounded
  6. It balance our body, mind and spirit to alignment.
  7. It helps us develop our imagination, our intuition, our psychic abilities and our inspiration. With controlled inspiration, we can experience self-induced states of ecstasy, bring karmic good fortune to ourself, start to remember things about past lives, have a natural out of body or astral experience, contact guides or guardian angels and enjoy true spiritual consciousness.
  8. It puts us at the right time and right place.
  9. It neutrality creates detachment, we get rid of fear
  10. It gives us Peace, Happiness, Bliss, a sharp mind and focus.
  11. Through meditation the Universe provides us everything that we need.
  12. Meditation help us understand and resolve our karmic influences and negative patterns, so that we may disconnect from the unhealthy genetic and negative influences caused by some of them. It releases us from all the unhealthy and undesirable situations they have created during our lives.

The combination of concentration, correct breathing and positive thinking is the best workout  for the Mind.

What are the benefits of the following meditation time?

  • 3 minutes Improves circulation and electro magnetic fields
  • 11 minutes Improves pituary gland and nervous system
  • 22 minutes Improves the 3 intelligences (Protective, Projective and Intuitive)
  • 31 minutes Affects the entire mind, the 5th elements and give you a beautiful aura
  • 37.5 minutes You merge with Naam, the sound
  • 62 minutes It works on the grey matter of the brain

 What are the Health benefits?         

  • Prevent Anti-aging
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves Memory
  • lower blood pressure
  • Stronger immune system
  • Slow the brain wave patterns even more and still remain aware and focus
  • Reduction in mental activity leading to a deeper state of awareness of everything around you.


  • Sessions: 1
  • duration: 60 min

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