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Absent and Distance Healing

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Absent and Distance Healing is directed by Celia de Flers

Contact Celia via email: to arrange a day and time for the session to take place.

What do you need to send to Celia?

  • A Photo of the person in need with Healing 
  • Name of that person
  • The geographical location where the person is going to be at the time of the Energy Healing Session.         

I do not promise a particular outcome, most people find Absent and Distant Healing particularly helpful on many levels.

Celia offers this healing on Donation basis

 For anyone that would like to make a donation, donations are very welcome and sincerely appreciated. Your donations are going toward supporting and further expand my business on healing, inspiring and teaching tools for everyone to heal themselves, and to give me the possibility to reach a larger audience.

FYI, my business is not set up as a non-profit business, so all donations are not tax-deductible. Any donation are welcome via Venmo or Paypal.

Absent and Distance Healing

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