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GIAR:SSR by DesBio

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GIAR:SSR is designed to provide temporary relief from symptoms associated with Giardia infection, such as occasional diarrhea, tiredness, stomach cramps, swelling, and queasiness.

We recommend two Series Kits for the Basic Series Protocol. Each kit contains ten vials, each with a different dilution of the deactivated virus or bacteria the kit is intended to address. The vials are taken in series, ascending order (1 – 10) for the first 30 days of the protocol, then decreasing in order (10 -1) for the second 30 days.


  • Giardia Lamblia (11C 12C 15C 30C 45C 60C 75C 100C 250C 500C)
  • DNA (11C 12C 15C 30C 45C 60C 75C 100C 250C 500C)
GIAR:SSR by DesBio

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