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Iridology is the science of examining the iris of the eye to analyze it’s color, pigmentations, and structure in order to determine the state of health in the body. It provides insights about inherent strengths and deficiencies in the body systems.

It is an effective, non-invasive and pain-free tool, to illustrate the unique pattern of an individual’s health and potential disorders.

Organ weaknesses can be caused by factors beyond lifestyle choices. For example, individuals with brown or darker irises may have a predisposition toward liver weaknesses caused by negative emotions. Sadness can affect the lungs while insufficient hydration may affect the kidneys.

We highly recommend that you incorporate this non-invasive tool into your regular health check.

Consultation can be done in person or online. 

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  • Schedules: Monday: 11am - 6pm
  • Consultation: In Person

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