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Soundbath & Vibrational Healing

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We deserve some quiet and peaceful vibes with our busy lifestyles and everything that's happening around the world.

Join Celia for an hour of Healing Vibrations. Sound Therapy is not only effective in achieving a state of relaxation but also has the ability to get through blockages in the body.

Some benefits of Sound Healing include improved sleep, boosts health, and support mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Bathe in the soothing sounds of Tibetan bowls, gongs, chimes, and other instruments. Let life's tensions and stresses dissipate as you reset and recharge yourself!

Dress comfortably and bring some water. Blankets, yoga mats, and pillows are going to be provided for the experience.

Soundbath & Vibrational Healing
  • Session: 60 minutes

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