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Healing through the Fourth Dimension

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Do you have a problem you don’t understand, that has no name, that is difficult to heal and you want it to heal?

This 45-minute in-person healing session is for you!


How Harmonyum Works

Harmonyum is a gentle, sophisticated, elegant healing system that supports your self-healing journey. It bestows a feeling of deep peace that becomes part of your daily life as you make Harmonyum part of your life.

A Harmonyum session can be in person or online, depending on what you need and prefer. You stay fully clothed and be resting comfortably during the 45 to 50-minute treatment.


Why Harmonyum goes beyond Physical Healing

There are two important components to permanent healing: Physical Healing and Spiritual Healing.

Medicine can only address the physical body, but it cannot clean the mind where the root of every disease is located. Fortunately, when it is necessary, medicine can help manage our health and give us the time we need to address our minds.

Even with the assistance of medicine, we still need a way to clean the mind. When we think of our subconscious and unconscious thoughts as seeds, through repetition of thought, those seeds are going to grow into trees. Depending on the nature of our subconscious and unconscious thoughts, those trees are going to bear fruit that adds to our health, vitality, and joy, or they are going to bear fruit of sickness and challenge.

No one can heal your mind except you. No one can give you permanent healing except you. This is a primary principle of the Harmonyum healing modality and exactly why Harmonyum is designed to create the conditions within you for the self-awareness that is necessary for self-healing.

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Healing through the Fourth Dimension

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