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Inflammation by DesBio

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Inflammation is designed to offer temporary relief from discomfort caused by inflamed, painful, or rigid joints, muscle pain, headaches, coughs, or fever.


  • Arnica (3X)
  • Benzoicum Ac (3X)
  • Echinacea (3X)
  • Apis Mel (4X)
  • Baptisia (4X)
  • Dulcamara (4X)
  • Eucalyptus (4X)
  • Solanum Nig (4X)
  • Eupatorium Perf (6X)
  • Bryonia (8X)
  • Colchicum (8X)
  • Mercurialis (8X)
  • Rhus Tox (8X)
Inflammation by DesBio

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