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Oral Health by DesBio

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For the temporary relief of symptoms related to oral health, including cavitation, delayed dentition, dry mouth, painful eating, eruptions on tongue and inner cheeks and tooth sensitivity.


  • Borax (6X)
  • Discus Intervertebralis Suis (8X, 12X, 18X, 24X, 30X)
  • Oral Mucosa Suis (8X, 12X, 18X, 24X, 30X)
  • Chamomilla (12X)
  • Sepia (12X)
  • Oxygenium (16X)
  • Bryonia (6X)
  • Echinacea Purp (6X)
  • Juglans Cin (6X)
  • Kali Mur (6X)
  • Mag Mur (6X)
  • Muriaticum Ac (6X)
  • Antimon Crud (12X)
  • Arsenicum Alb (12X)
  • Bismuth Sub (12X)
  • Cinchona (12X)
  • Nux Mosch (12X)
  • Sambucus Nig (12X)
  • Merc Solub (12X, 18X, 24X, 30X)
  • Calc Phos (12X, 18X, 30X)
  • Ignatia (12X, 30X)
  • Candida Alb (16X, 18X, 24X, 30X)
Oral Health by DesBio

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