by celia de Flers November 13, 2019 1 min read

Step into the "Lifestyle of the Deep Self"

Experience the Breathwork and Meditation to bring Prosperity and Green Energy in your life.

We'll begin the class with secret tips on the Spiritual Wisdom connected to the Art of Attracting Green Energy

Then, you are going to learn and practice the Power of Vibrating two Powerful Mantras , which when done the right way, attract blessings into your life.

We finish the class with a delightful Heart Chakra Sound Healing session which is going to activate your center of fulfillment of true desire.

You are going to leave the class ready to attract opportunities for material and spiritual abundance to start 2020!

Everyone attending is going to receive a goodie bag containing everything necessary for the class and for you to start practicing immediately when you get in the comfort of your home.

See you soon!

"Spiritual worth is the only lasting wealth"

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we are going through a big time of transformation and change which explains the arrival of the Covid19.

It's the End of the Old World, the whole order of Human life and our planet is changing where everyone has to step up to a new moral way of being.

We are transitioning to the six root race. I am sharing a great article written by Scott Ramsey which explains what are the seven root races.

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Today is an exceptional day! Why?

02:02:2020 is a very unusual Palindrome Day. Today's date can be read the same forward and backward and all around the world the same way. The beauty of this very special date is that it carries magic vibrations of creation within it.

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Get a grip of the Power that resides inside of you!

We cannot improve the caliber of the human being, but we can guide it. When we guide ourselves and are not at the mercy of subconscious habits, then we become master of the self.

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